First week with the host Family

   My first week with my host family was mainly about settling in. Because I didn’t have to go to school due to test week, I didn’t have much to do, and because my host brother was going to school, my host sister was going to university, and both of my host parents were working quite long hours, I was alone for a substantial amount of the time. So I made my room how I liked it, and went for walks almost every day to experience more of the suburb/town of Raisio, on the outskirts of Turku. There is a church here that is 800 years old and is really stunning. Every night though the family would converge and we would have dinner together, and got to know each other. I can tell that I am really going to enjoy myself here. I also got to meet my host mother Riia’s parents, where we have lunch every Sunday. We had a massive feast and by the end I was ready to burst. I also got my first Hesburger experience with my 3rd host father, who was taking me back from a rotary meeting. Hesburger is a Finnish fast-food hamburger chain. It was delicious.


Sandra Nowiczewski

Thank you so much Josh for sharing your experience. We miss you and were wondering how this adventure was going and what your host family were like. Your host family sounds just like yours .. busy, loving and family orientated which makes us so happy. Good on you for exploring the outskirts of your new home and enjoying all this exciting adventure has to offer. Keep blogging keep enjoying.
love hugs & kisses
nana & dido xx


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